Defining the Differences of Payload and Towing

Although the terms payload and towing capacity are often used interchangeably, they actually have a few distinct differences. The most defining difference is that payload refers to what you can carry in your vehicle while towing refers to what you can pull. Regardless of the type of hitch used, if you are pulling a trailer, you are utilizing the towing function. Payload includes everything that can fit inside of your vehicle, including both the passengers and any extra cargo you haul.

The team of experts at Performance Cars Niceville can help you to understand the key differences...
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Tailgating Essentials

If you are planning a big outing with friends and family that involves tailgating before the event, make sure that you bring all of these tailgating essentials along. They will make your life easier and you will have a better time being prepared.
  • Paper products are really important. Make sure you have plates, forks, spoons, cups and napkins on hand.
  • Keep garbage bags in your vehicle. This will make short work of any cleanup that you need to do rather than trying to find a garbage can where you are.
  • Bring food with you that can easily be disposed of…
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Buying A Hatchback Is A Great Decision

Purchasong a hatchback is a great decision for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the car is nice and light. This means it is a lot easier to steer and part. This is especially true for new drivers. Unlike old hatchbacks, new hatchbacks come with all modern gear like rear cameras, navigation, and so much more.

Antoher reason buying a hatchback is great is because hatchbacks cost a lot less than other cars. In addition to costing less, hatchbacks also use less gas than other cars, and their parts are extremely inexpensive.


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Road Trip Games Contribute To Safe Travel

Road trips are always exciting in the beginning. However, they become boring and monotonous as the journey wears on. It becomes difficult to keep the mind occupied as the passengers travel on the roadway for miles and miles. It seems as if the hours will never end.

Children have very little patience for these circumstances. They can become a tremendous distraction to the operator of the vehicle. This is a safety hazard.

Road trip games are very effective tools that help children stay busy while the adults are tending to the operations. Games such as Tic Tac Toe, License Plate…
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Staying Safe In Your SUV

You deserve to make an informed decision when you purchase a vehicle. If you are in the market for an SUV, it is important to know that they are safe and reliable vehicles. They have plenty of room for your kids, your pets and any large items that may need to be stored.

If you encounter poor roads, your SUV will offer greater traction compared to other vehicles. Since they are larger than compact cars, SUVs tend to be safer in the event of an accident. They are also ideal in the event that you have to tow a boat…

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How Important is Getting a Vehicle's Front End Alighment?

Alignment services offered by Performance Cars Niceville help to preserve the car tires and improve handling. Here is all you need to know about the alignment in your vehicle.

It only takes hitting one pothole or curb for the alignment in the car to become misaligned. You'll know immediately when things are off because the vehicle is going to start pulling to one side of the road, making it challenging to keep in between the lane lines. The front-end alignment will immediately improve the handling of the vehicle.

Another serious issue you'll be faced...
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The Benefits of Carpets or Floor Mats

Using a floor mat or carpet makes it easier to protect your car's floor from excess dirt, salt or other grime. Rubber carpets are generally used in parts of the country where there is a lot of snow, rain or mud that gets tracked into a vehicle. This is because they are easy to clean and can last for many years.

A carpet is preferable when you want a more luxurious look for your vehicle. There are many different colors and styles that you can use, and carpets can be embroidered with custom words or symbols....



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Simple Yet Effective Guide to Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Taking preventative steps each week to avoid a potential tire blowout requires a little of your time looking closer at the car tires. Here are a couple things you want to be on the lookout for on the treads of the tire.

Never ignore the tire pressure warning system in your vehicle when it says the air pressure is low in one or more tires. Low pressure could increase the chances the tire fails at high speed, and a blowout can cause a serious accident on the highway. 

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What Can Cause Overheating in Your Car

You never want to have the experience of your car overheating. You don't want to be left stranded, and you don't want the expense of having what might be a costly repair. There are some common reasons that a car might overheat, and there are some ways to prevent overheating from occurring.

One of the major reasons for car overheating is a coolant leak. If your vehicle does not have enough coolant, overheating is likely. Check your coolant reserve at regular intervals to make sure you have enough coolant in your car.  

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The Reasons to Change the Cabin & Engine Air Filters

Just like how air filters in the house keep dirt and allergens from degrading interior air quality, the air filters in your vehicle have to do the same for the cabin and engine.

The cabin air filters are designed to trap the smallest particles, from allergens to mold spores, and remove them from getting into the air of the cabin. Clogged cabin air filters quickly degrade the air quality and negatively impact driver and passengers.

The engine air filters are working to keep dirt and dust from reducing the power and performance of the car's motor....
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