Tax Return as Down Payment

The answer is yes! Tax season is here and many Americans choose to use their refund on something car-related. According to the IRS, average refunds in recent years have been around $3,000, providing an excellent opportunity for approved buyers to have a down payment on their next car. Using your tax return as a down payment can help you get the loan you deserve, lower your monthly payments, and even help you secure a lower interest rate!

Here's how:

Receive Your Income Tax Check

Here's where we begin. After receiving your tax refund amount you'll be able to determine what will happen in the steps to follow.

Calculate What You Can Afford

Use our convenient online payment calculator to help determine what you can afford to purchase.

Choose Between Down Payment or Monthly Payments

Determine whether you'd rather apply your refund to your down payment or use it to cover monthly payments.

Identify Your Desired Car, Truck, or SUV

Navigate through our website to shop for a used vehicle that fits within your determined budget.

Arrange Your Financing

Take advantage of our quick and convenient online pre-approval application to get a head start on financing and paperwork before you visit our dealership.

Visit Us at Performance Cars Niceville

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you with your car purchase and to ensure that you receive complete satisfaction.

Drive Off in Your New Pre-Owned Vehicle!

The fun begins! Enjoy the years to come in your new pre-owned car from Performance Cars Niceville!